Monday, June 14, 2010

Theres something about this video(pehla nasha) which forces oneself to take a trip down memory lane. It was the initial days( 6th std.) of my testosterone activation ,almost everything had a fresh perspective, everything felt completely different. Suddenly, the female fraternity acquired a pivotal role in my otherwise happy and sufficient world. I became aware of the curves. I was inundated with bollywood, I was the shahrukh khan of my own world with plenty of kajols around. I still remember vividly, it was our first day after summer vacations and the whole class was surprisingly in an offbeat mood or rather ‘depressed’ is a better word to describe the overall tone of the atmosphere but I was really happy to escape my father’s(Hitler) regime for at least 8 hrs a day and more so because now I cud have estrogen all around but the fact was, I was too mature for my age(all tks to bollywood) so obviously the kids around could never be the subject of my search for that special Kajol because they lacked the maturity (read curves).

It was the third period when half the class was coming into terms with the moronic world of books n boring lectures and rest of them were preparing for their early noon siesta.‘She’ entered the class, draped in blue- my favorite color. She wore a sky blue saree and a matching blue string blouse. The fan stopped mid air and a fresh breeze brushed through my face as she untangled her long tresses that flowed down to her bosom. I sat their agape at the goddess herself ,watching her put down her books introducing herself as our new hindi teacher. All her movements were a blur as my eyes were transfixed on her angelic face, the clear cut face line, her sharp nose, her blue eyes and her hairs which had a golden hue like hazel nuts. At that very moment, I decided it can’t be kajol it had to be sridevi from mr india dancing provocatively to the tunes of ‘kate nahin kat te’. My mind drifted from the class n I was ferried to a different world- my ‘bollywood world’ with me as the protagonist and my new found heroine. I was staring out of the window,arguing within my own self that I should not nurture any feelings of lust for her, she was meant for that pure love described in geeta, bible and all the holy scriptures which said ‘LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR’, when she caught me. She asked me to sit in the front desk -right in front of her. Although, I was ecstatic but I didn’t let it show up on my face n gave her the look of bearing a punishment. There she was right in front of me,like a goddess delivering a sermon. I was having a tough time keeping my emotions from coming on my face. As she parted her lips to speak, her pearly white teeth were visible, she had all the ingredients of a perfect bollywood heroine, god knows what was she doing here teaching the most mundane subject in the world – hindi, where I always faltered in figuring out the difference between the different enunciations of the innumerous vowels . Time just glided by, as I sat their watching her and I heard the most horrible sound- the ringing of the bell, damn the period ended!!! She walked out of the class with the most graceful walk I had ever witnessed, somehow everything about her seemed flawless, impeccable, god like.

That night I could hardly sleep. Their was this obnoxious fact about her which was hurting me like a thorn in my butt, I discovered from my classmates that she was Nishant, Saket and Neha’s mother the eldest one two years senior to me, second one was a classmate in section ‘b’ . One thing was sure that if I wanted to marry her there would be a lot of problems (yes I had the audacity and temerity to contemplate marriage with her, after all I ate, drank n breathed bollywood ) and ‘WE’ would have to probably face total renunciation from the society but then every great soul has been mocked, scorned and disapproved by mere mortals so why bother about stupid societal norms. The other important question was to get her to agree to such a relation ( yes, I also seriously thought of proposing her but only after growing my biceps a couple of inches more and attaining a height at least one inch taller than her but right now she stood at least 2-3 inches taller than me so the plans of proposal needed to wait) given my pathetic condition in her subject I was sure to get into her bad books. So, I pledged to master the nuances of hindi spellings and do whatever it takes to get a mom of three to agree to the proposal of a 12 yr old.

The next day, the very first face to greet me was Saket, well, the feeling was really awkward for a 6 std. kid to contemplate being called papa by someone his own age but that’s me. Today she was reading something to us, so she was sitting on the chair barely a few feet from me and slowly n smoothly she rubbed her left hand on her milky white arms bared by her penchant for wearing string blouses. It aroused me a lot and for the first time I had a tingling feeling in my loins, I was literally fighting against my own set principles of not making her an object of my sexual fantasies. From then on my prime objective in going to school was the hindi class. I started hating weekends because that meant not being able to see her for two complete days. 60 hrs at a stretch literally qualified as ‘ lambi judai’ for me. So I devised a plan to mitigate the ‘weekend effect’, I became friends with Saket, just to gain access to her house on weekends and see my goddess every day. Yes she was my goddess ,every time she smiled my heart literally skipped a beat. I was totally consumed by her thoughts and my flights of fantasy drew HER closer to me. I have no memories of her ever talking to me, not that she never did but when she was in front of me the only external sensory organ that was super active were my eyes, rest all processor (my brain) activity was used in contemplation and fantasies.

As expected, I fared very badly in my exams especially in Hindi because as it is, I was poor in the subject and I hardly paid attention to anything she taught(truth is no matter how hard I tried I could not take my gaze away from her slow rubbing motions of her arm). ‘Hitler’ never showed any signs of interest in my studies during the entire session except for the day when the results were declared. According to him, only the top ranker conquered the world, rest all were born to serve him. So, I got a terrible thrashing for my descent in the servant category for the first time in 6 yrs. He ransacked my room and found out love letters addressed to her- not one or two but dozens of them trying to show her my edge over her bald headed, pot bellied husband who was never a match for her and how was god grossly mistaken to pair up that ungrateful man with her. Strangely ‘Hitler’ did not react according to his name, my gut told me that this was extreme and it was my last day in Hitler’s Germany but surprisingly he called me in his room. It was very unlike him - no belts, no canes but just a summon to his room.I thought he is going to tie me down and flog me to death. Soon I realized(and was relieved) that he was not angry, he asked me about ‘her’ in a calm voice. Later, he sheepishly admitted to having a crush in his school days on his science teacher and explained it was just a phase which passes by naturally and advised not to stretch it. Frankly speaking, I myself was troubled with the result, it was a terrible feeling. Fortunately for me she took a transfer to another school after the session got over. The very next year I bounced back to my usual first rank but I missed her a lot . Even till date, I remember her face when I m alone in the bridge wings of my ship in mid Atlantic and love smiling at myself .A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into her by sheer coincidence at the railway station, she is still the most beautiful woman I ever came across, althoug wrinkles have marred her face like cobwebs clutter on a beautiful piece of sculpture.

(nishant n saket pls dont bash me up, if u happen to read this, this ones written to enter in the first crush contest :) )